Welcome to KLYNTAR - a decentralized ecosystem of services for Web2 & Web3 and real world. Using a rich set of technologies and our knowledge, we are going to focus on solving a wide range of problems.


L1 chain and independent blockchain

To implement the craziest ideas!

High TPS & TTF indicators

For the most comfortable interaction with the platform - all thanks to combinatorics + BFT consensus improvements

Ecosystem of blockchains

Just like Polkadot or Cosmos. Join us!

Multilevel sharding

For maximum efficiency


Become a validator by pledging anything you want as collateral! Your Bitcoins, NFTs, stablecoins - everything can be used to become a validator


Wide range of cryptographic primitives - from Solana compatible Ed25519 to post-quantum algorithms

EVM & WASM & XVM virtual machines

Maximum power. Maximum abilities


Implement features on KLY without in a forkless way. Create a container and go!

Codeless smart-contracts (RWX)

Create many contracts in a couple of clicks to protect all kinds of interaction with business and other people. Let's build an honest future together!

AI powered

Use ZKML & FHE ML for your no-code smart contracts

Qauntum currency

Fully quantum > Post-quantum. Wait for the quantum abilities on KLY

Web2 & Web3 & Real World

Build the ecosystem with us!

You're not late! This site is under development